expansion idea

Topics: Using SQL Server in Hosted Environments
Dec 22, 2006 at 3:47 PM
I'm happy to see this project running.

Here's an idea that struck me, as you already provide an infrastructure to create/patch sql server databases. It would not be much more work to support the following:

- There are dozens of instances of SQL servers or SQL Server Express running on various machines distributed inside the web hoster's infrastructure, in each brick & mortar store of a network, on hundreds of school computers running demo projects that require demo databases.
- Someone must change the schema of all of these databases, all at the same time (or maybe in different groups).
- A central server where all the instances are registered can be used to deploy the same sql patch to a set of sql server's running this webservice.

It would be almost necessary to compute some kind of schema checksum that could be returned to compare the various instances and figure out which have already been updated, for example. (Schema checksum + update date would be great... I wonder if there is some kind of meta-data that could be used for this).

I'm probably going to be implementing such a system in the coming months. Maybe there are alternatives that are available.

The next logical step would be to be able to update an application that runs on this database simultaneously. In my particular context, we'll be using subversion to synch the versions as the computers are not on the same network.

So in any case, my comment here is to know what you think of the expansion idea (to push schema updates to a set of servers) ... and hopefully get someone to point me to an open-source alternative that has already been implemented :)

Dec 22, 2006 at 4:25 PM
Thanks for the comment and suggestion. We are considering something similar to this for the next version of SQL Server.