a SQL noob's thoughts

Topics: Using SQL Server in Hosted Environments
Oct 25, 2006 at 4:45 PM
Dan, et al:

In your reply to my thread, here are some thoughts from someone who is really new to mucking about with SQL, and databases in general, regarding this tool.

What you describe as being on the radar is fantasitic.

If it can remain as straightforward and lean as it is now, it would be a great tool.

For the GUI: keep it simple one that has the "Save script..." initial default to putting the *.sql in the same folder as the *.mdf (really, I can't stand when I am working on a project on the F: drive, and when I want to save something and the app(most apps) always starts me out in "My Documents" and I have to browse around to my working directory...maybe its just me and my workflow, I dunno)

Have an option in the script generation to skip over existing data when writing to the hosted server, so new info can just be added.

Plug it in to VS so I can right-click on the *.mdf to open the sqlpubwiz GUI.

Other than that, i'd be inclined to keep it as lean as possible.

Maybe GoDaddy (and any others with that "GOTO" bug) can be talked into improving there Querry Analizer.

Thanks again. I look forwrd to seeing the next incarnation.
Oct 25, 2006 at 5:27 PM
Oh, and here is something else I'd love to see:

An option to script only the template and Admin data, and skip the other specific data.
What I mean by practical example:
On my local machine, say I have set up a createUser, and a profile page.
I test it all out locally by creating fictitous test users with various profile options, etc.

After it all works well, I want to generate a script that creates all of the tables and fields, but not the test user data, however, keep the "Admin" account data I created locally.


(I hope this is the sort of feedback your looking for)
Oct 25, 2006 at 6:11 PM
Hi Michael -

To respond to your comments:

- We are planning on Visual Studio right-click integration soon.
- We have already implemented options to script schema only or data only, and you should see this in November.

Thanks for the feedback!