Topics: Database Publishing Wizard, Hoster Discussion, Using SQL Server in Hosted Environments
Sep 14, 2007 at 9:00 PM
We would like to use this to make a daily backup of our live database. We would use the built-in synchronization options in SQL Server but it modifies the database in a way that the third party software can no longer work with it.

The program seems perfect. However, the script size is an big issue. The test database I used was 23 MEG and the generated script was 70 MEG. If I use this on our live database which is 25 Gig then the script will probably be close to 100 gig. The publish option seems like it might get around the space issue by not actually creating a script file ( I might be wrong about that). However, the publish option seem to only work if the destination server is a web server. In our setup, the destination server will actually be the server I'll be running this from. So I'll actually be pulling the data from another server. Well, sorta'. All the data (and copies) will stay on our 15 drive network storage unit.

Anyway, what parameters would I user to pull the data from the live database and put it in the destination server.

Scott MacMaster