Error -2147217900 - Incorrect syntax near ','

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Jul 10, 2007 at 1:53 PM
Hi – please would you please help me with this – I think this is the new problem…

I am trying to add classifieds to godaddy, and there is something very dodgy.

Well, lets started, in the last 6 months I have uploaded quite a few CSK to godaddy, without any problems; crated the site on VWD, printed the ASPNETDB.mdf (only data) and the CLASSIFIEDSDB.mdf (data and shemas) – both with version 2000, submitted them through query analyzer without any problems, apply my user name against them, than uploaded the site with their own connection strings, and voala… in no time the sites were up and running… well, that was than…

Six days ago I was trying to do the same thing: to upload the classifieds to and of my domains – did everything exactly the same as before and ASPNETDB goes through without any problem, but for CLASSIFIEDSDB it shows the error: Error -2147217900 - Incorrect syntax near ',' and beneath that well basically all my uploaded file… so, I have checked and double checked everything, and the error was the same. I have contacted godaddy, but they were not helpful (well, they have send me few replies with copy/paste instructions from their manual?! – which I found as a proof that no one exactly reads my questions in the first place).

So, what I did:
- on my PC: created new CSK, of course created “admin” (in ASP.NET Configuration), and one or two more users through browser;
- on godaddy did the same as always before: created new sql database with dsn and asp shemas;
- on PC: printed the databases (as always before) with Data Publishing Wizard – added the files to godaddy’s query analyzer – and guess what – it reads the same error
- In last few days I have removed/added sql db on godaddy so many times and trying all possible combinations of printing the CLASSIFIEDSDB, and there was always the error;
- Also, go through internet and read (I think) every article related to the problem – but without any success in solving the problem
- Finally, from one of my sites which are running on godaddy for a few months (also based on CSK), I have removed the database from the godaddy, added the new one, copy the files to analizer (yes it’s the same printed sql file which goes through few months ago without any problem) – and the same error!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (well, now this site its not working – yap, I know….)

I have in the last 3-8 months successfully installed to various sites based on CSK, Club site, DNN, few Community servers (all hosted on godaddy) without any problem and I am quite confident with dealing with all the issues (databases, connections strings, changing the css for any of mentioned sites, …) – so I am quite confident that its not anything wrong with my coding.

So, whats have changed in the period of uploading my last successful site to godaddy (3-4 weeks ago) and now:
- now on godaddy there is only version 2005 – well, I am not quite sure why this should be issue;
- all newly created databases on godaddy (well, one which I have problem with) have the same Initial Catalog and User ID (for example, now is: Initial Catalog=abcdefg;User ID=abcdefg;) but before was Initial Catalog=DB_XXXXXXX;User ID=YYYYYY – can this somehow cause the problem
- I have a quite few empty domains and hostings on godaddy (for the same domains) everything tried on few of them – well, it simple don’t working… (all my earlier sites are however still up and running without any problems; all of them are based on CSK, Club, … or any other starter kit; for all of them sql dbases are printed on the same way, applied and activated through query analyzer on the same way, and all of them are working absolutely fine)
- But there is one big difference: all of them they have version 2000 on godaddy….

Please, I would kindly ask if anyone can point to me is it somewhere my fault in all of this – I’ll be more than grateful and happy to learn something new.

Thank you.


Aug 19, 2007 at 4:50 PM
Dear Alicia R.

Thank you for your email and the advice - it worked perfectly (with some smaller tweaks though) .

Once more: thank you very much.


Aug 28, 2007 at 4:46 PM
HI didi
I have the same problem, but don't see Alicia's reply. Could you send it to me?
Thx, Marin
Sep 1, 2007 at 1:26 PM
Hello Alicia R.

I believe i could be getting the same error, any chance of the advice being published here?


Jason Schluter
Sep 1, 2007 at 3:47 PM
Hi everyone,

After zillions of unsuccessful attempts, I have added the classifiedsdb of the following way:
- Open your SQL Web Admin. (on godaddy hosting control pannel)
- Select Stored Procedures from the tree on the left.
- Select “New Stored Procedure” (star in the upper right hand page). This will bring up a page with a text box containing stub SQL code for a stored proc.
- Delete the stub code.
- Paste in your SQL script. (this was generated with database publishing wizard)
- Press the “create” button.
- This should allow you to run your script. (so, just to clarify: don’t use query analyzer as it doesn’t parse the code correctly in the last two months)
- At the end I did some minor bits and pieces which are related to my db… however, above method should be the easiest way to add classifiedsdb.mdf to godaddy (I presume that all of you didn’t have any problems with aspnetbd.mdf – well, if I didn’t have the problem, for sure no one else should have it either…; however, please do send me the message if you need full instructions for uploading everything to godaddy)

I can also tell you that this method is working for any hosting plan on godaddy (I have tried on few my hosting accounts and its just fine).

At the end, once more: thanks to Alicia R and Ibra.



PS. I will do the full instructions in a few days and will post it on forum under the classifieds, so it will be (I hope) easier to manage your CSK on godaddy (but also, I hope that godaddy will sort out this issue
Sep 5, 2007 at 11:16 PM
Edited Sep 5, 2007 at 11:16 PM
From what I can tell, GoDaddy updated their Query Anlyzer some time last week. I was able to get this to work directly from the Query Analyzer (I didn't need to use the stored proc create).
Sep 6, 2007 at 1:28 AM
Hi dismusreed,

Thank you for update…

I have just uploaded the db on one of my test sites and its working absolutely fine… as it did before the problem started.

Well, it took them two months to sort out the issue with the query analyzer…


Sep 6, 2007 at 1:56 AM
Edited Sep 6, 2007 at 1:59 AM
Hi everyone-

Looks like this was figured out already!
Anyhow, here are some of the recent improvements we made to SQL.

* Updated Query Analyzer based on MS Scripting Engine, this closes all reported defects

* Support for Unicode when viewing in table content view

* User-Defined Functions Management (2005 only)

* Updated Data Editing for Tables, this allows for data to be viewed in non-Latin languages

* Improved CSV import performance

For all of our recent updates and releases visit our blog.

Best to all!

Alicia R.
Go Daddy Hosting