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The goal of the SQL Server Hosting Toolkit is to enable a great experience around SQL Server in shared hosting environments.

Please be advised: The project has been posted several years ago and it is no longer supported by the SQL team at Microsoft. As such, there are no current plans to build on top of the previously published code and MSIs, and/or to fix defects associated with this project. The project consists of the Database Publishing Wizard and the Database Publishing Services (see details below), however the source code for the Database Publishing Wizard is not available on this site because the original code includes sources that are proprietary that we cannot share, in accordance with Microsoft policy. The tool is only available as an MSI. We apologize for this inconvenience.

The following components are available in this project:
  • For Hosting Customers
    • The Database Publishing Wizard makes it easy to upload databases to hosters, or generate T-SQL from the objects and data in your database.
  • For Hosters
    • The Database Publishing Services are a set of ASP.NET web services you can easily deploy to make it simple for your customers to deploy SQL Server databases into your environment.
If you're interested in meeting the folks at Microsoft behind this project, check out the Hosting Toolkit Team.

Also, see other SQL Server projects on Codeplex

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